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When the first version of the game three in a row online, even to imagine it was difficult, that the name will eventually become the embodiment of the whole genre of casual games. In fact, the essence of the game online three in a row is revealed in the very same title. At present, the web you can find all sorts of games in this genre - from simple children's lines to more complex modifications over which with great interest "fight" even academics. In the classic version of the game 3 in a row online are manipulated with chips ("Checkered" or circles) of different colors. The player must create a line of identical tiles, changing their positions. Three pieces in a row - this is the minimum length of the series, but in fact, they may be on the line a lot more, which of course, brings the player additional points. All varieties of online games is 3 in a row are acceptable horizontal and vertical lines, but there are enough games that are accepted as diagonal rows. Once the line is created, it immediately disappears. By the way, if you see such games as "match-3" or "collect three", know that it is just another name beloved by many game 3 in a row online.When it became clear that adored by many "lines" and other games online three in a row won lasting popularity in the years ahead, the developers of casual puzzle games ahead of each other, began to invent more complex and interesting options. For example, there were simplified versions of games for children and vice versa more complex tasks. Thus, in some puzzles in this genre in the game online 3 in a row is requested to bring the game to the bottom edge of the field any subject. Elements of the game are found in a very complex strategy, as well as in children's developing games as one of the tests that you want to pass to the protagonist. Despite the apparent uniformity, online three in a row is unlikely to ever completely bored. They often play not only children and housewives, and knowledge workers, who sometimes need to take a break and gather my thoughts. Automatic manipulation of the chips and the contemplation of the result helps to switch, relax and tune in to a creative way. By the way, many of the games are accompanied by beautiful music and, in some cases - even meditative melodies. Play causal games can afford. They are in the public domain.

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