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Mmorpg online games belong to the genre of role-playing video games (ORPG). In the virtual world of online games mmorpg are usually in the fantasy genre, each player acts as a fictional character and interact with other players, controls his actions. Virtual world MMORPG online games exists independently of the presence of the player, as well, and the actions of his characters, as well as their number, thanks to the publisher, who after the game maintains its virtual world. This mmorpg online games are different from small single-player role-playing online games. MMORPG Online Games populated computer-controlled characters (NPC), which include and mobs (hostile characters). The goal of each player is to destroy as many enemies, for which he charged EXP (experience points) and give a reward in the form of valuable items or game currency. The basis of economic relations between the players is the reward, which is used to improve the ability and skills of the hero. Players, many online - games «Mmorpg» can form alliances, internal clans, guilds, etc.etc. The members of these associations in relation to other associations and players may follow a certain policy. As a rule, the classic version online games mmorpg is divided into three styles, but the combination of a few. For example, in PvE / PvP, the basic design of a modern «Mmorpg», combining two styles: PvP and PvE. Game PvP (Player versus Player) - player versus player is built on relationships "player - a player." The leading role in the game play factor exchange between the players play objects, and opposition to, and communication. Game PvE (Player versus Environment) - player versus environment is built on the relationship between the world and the player. The game PvMP (Player versus Monster Player) are two players, one of them playing for the monster. Game PvPvE (Player versus Player versus Environment) - player versus player, and against Environments. The game provides the intervention of a third party in the non-game playing against the player. The purpose of the intervention - support the balance of gaming parties. Game RvR (Realm versus Realm) - kingdom against kingdom built on a community of the fight game (party) against the other for the resources of the enemy and / or game resources.On the Internet, you can download free mmorpg games online. And there are plenty of paid versions, but it makes sense to join when mmorpg games online free no longer fully utilized.

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