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Akinator - amazingly fun game that can take a long time as a child and adult. This is - a great way to spend time alone, and have fun the whole company.In order to play Akinator, just launch it, make a character - a singer, actor, model, movie or cartoon character and so on and answer the questions asked by Jinn. "Your character is a woman?"" Your character has arrived from another planet?"" Your character has legs?"You will be surprised that, having begun play in Akinator, after five to ten said Ginny will give the correct result, correctly naming the name of the one you think of. It is noteworthy that having decided to play with you, Akinator correctly answer and when will make come true inanimate object like the element of home appliances, musical instruments, or animated, but known only to you (pet, toy fish, and similar). Amazing? And how! It - something akin to magic, may even creep idea that you have in your apartment has bugs. But we should not paranoia - just you decide to play Akinator. So, keep your suspicions and just enjoy and have fun.

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Free games: play akinator, akinator play

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