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The game Angry birds - one of the rare occasions when the game released specifically for the device, has become so popular that it was republished under other platforms. And, of course, saw the light of many varieties of Angry birds online.In Angry birds play online can be anyone: the essence of the game is simple enough to understand it, how to handle and control, can a child. So that in the Angry birds game online, you should use the slingshot to launch birds at pigs. But to play Angry birds online successfully, you need the most accurate calculation of the trajectory and force of impact. Adapted? And how do you like it if pigs are not in an open area, and hide in the buildings? Now you need to adjust the direction in order to get to the weak point of the design, to break it and bury the pig under the rubble. Passed and that level? It's time to face the new challenges, new birds, new pigs and new designs, each type having its own characteristics and nuances of behavior.Angry birds game is never boring, it can play for hours, and that makes hundreds of thousands of people. Join them!

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