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Introduced in 1962, the Hulk - a huge green monster - over half a century and became popular main character cartoons, television and movies, many of which are collected impressive box office. And it is not surprising that after the advent of the internet there have been many versions of the game Hulk.Hulk games - series flash applications in the Hulk game will be interesting both for adults and children. Everyone, without exception, they find something new, interesting and useful and will be able to spend a lot of pleasant moments from challenging skirmishes, battles and chases.You sympathize with Hulk and want to punish those who persecuted? Choose the version of the game with a similar gameplay Hulk and more! Help the triumph of justice. Think that the Hulk - the game in which to destroy the monster? In this case, we agree, and therefore the best options and chosen subjects, in which the police fight the monster.Fight on Earth and in space, jump long distances, destroying enemies with a single stroke of a huge green hands or show the wonders of tactics and skill in an effort to quickly and with minimal damage to yourself to overcome evil. Everything is in your hands. It's - the Hulk, a game that is even more interesting than reading the comics and watching movies.

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Free games: Hulk play games hulk

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