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Mom forbid girls kissing boys, saying, "Maly else." And rightly so, by the way, they say. It is true that girls do not always listen to Mom - and that this is wrong. Moms need to listen and obey. As for kissing, so there's still the game about kissing, and it is in them that play no ban. Although the kisses they play an unimportant role. It's just reward heroes of the game, which have come a long way and suffered a lot of difficulties to finally meet. Games for girls kissing is very different, and one can choose according to taste. And the players are invited to help the heroes to overcome all obstacles and meet. However, almost every game is a condition of kisses: the heroes must find a secluded place to them being disturbed, still kissing - not a public act. And this player also has to help them ward off all curious. Heroes games for girls kissing can be different. For example, in love ants. Loving couple and prevent worker ants, and the little curious ant-shalunishka. And at risk of falling leaves. Because ants are small and fragile. The task of party games free kisses - to protect and preserve love ants. But the cranky toddler who loves to kiss everyone. And "evil" mother (well, just like in real life), he is banned. So everything has to steal from Mom. The time of the game is limited to kissing. Therefore watch, not only for the characters, but the timer. There are games (free) kisses like genre games "three in a row." Need to build the same image three in a row to disappear and the board is cleared. Then the heroes of the game about kissing can finally do what he likes. In many games, the characters - celebrities such as Perez Hilton, or the heroes of your favorite cartoons. But a lot of games, characters, which are just boys and girls, which also prohibits adult kiss, and have to do it in the most unexpected places - in the pool, in the cinema, in the club, on the school bus. And all this in secret. How can secretly kissing on the school bus? But this is a player's task kissing games - to help them become invisible. Reward characters will kiss itself, and reward the player - bonuses in the game. Genre of games of kissing is relatively new, but already managed to become popular. He played in many, including both children and adolescents. Can join you, mom zarugaet.

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