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In the classic "Battleship" in due time, the parents of children playing on the current exercise book in the box, sometimes during school hours, for which they received a journal entry. Today you can play Battleship online on your computer. If the traditional "sea battle on paper" needed two players, the sea battle can play online with friends, fighting with a computer program. Rules of the game simple. On a leaf in the box outlines the field of a certain size (10 to 10 cells) and are placed several ships of the squadron: boats, battleships, destroyers, etc. Each player has the same number of them. Change the location of the ships in the game can not. Cells games are symbols, as in chess. Each player in turn calls a cage. If this box is a ship - it is considered damaged. When all the cells occupied by the ship called - he is drowning. The player who first destroy all the enemy ships. Rules of the game online sea battle is identical. Only rascherchivat golf is not necessary, it is already is lined, and the enemy ships apart. But the player is, of course, does not see, and they appear only in the defeat. Classic Online Games Battleship - logical, require some ingenuity and a simple calculation. If you hit one cell destroyer, it is clear that the other part of it may be close, up, down, right or left. Apart from the classic "Sea battle," puzzle game, there are online games sea battle or game with the same name. As a rule, it is "Fly" and "shooter". The player is invited to lead the naval battle, operating a ship or aircraft squadron, Squadron. Enemy ships and aircraft can destroy missiles, depth charges, cannon salvos, etc. Such online games sea battle are demanding quick response and precision movements. Enough to run the search engine with the request "Battleship play online for free," the computer game introduced many sites with similar games. But to play the classic "Battleship" or "shooter" with the same name - it's up to the player, someone like that. It is believed that playing in the sea battle online more befit boys. But the girl is also not allowed, in fact, quite often they are good players, as more precise and punctual. If you are not familiar with the game "Battleship", try it, it's interesting.

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Flash games online: online game Battleship, Battleship teen

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