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Probably, many at least once dreamed of visiting the store owner on the spot stylish clothes. It's so interesting - to own a lot of fashion, to communicate with the beautiful and well-groomed people and be a little closer to the great designers.Well, it's all real. You just need to start playing: Trendy Boutique 2 online - exactly what you need. Fashion Boutique game 2, a game that can be directly on our website belongs to the genre of economic, it is a great opportunity to improve the skills of financial planning and sales tactics. Once the game Fashion Boutique 2, the game that started the player starts at his disposal passed a small shop specializing in the sale of stylish clothes and accessories. After hearing a little introductory lecture and getting a couple of valuable lessons, we have to plunge into the world of trading. To successfully play Fashion Boutique 2 online, you need to buy goods, place it on the shelves, to lure customers and make sure that each of them was satisfied with the level of service. It is close to the real management boutique, is not it?Tired old surroundings and range? No problem, you simply select the three trendy boutiques, online, play it and develop. In Fashion Boutique 3 online play is as simple as in the previous version, only the skills and experience will be new. Play?

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