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Monopoly can be called the most popular economic strategy. In the board game played on weekends or evenings, meeting over tea. Laid out on the table a piece of cardboard to the cells, where they are assets and businesses. The players roll the dice and moved with chips. For the game had to find a few people. And when there is no company for the game? Recommend to the game play monopoly online. Instead of the other participants will play a computer.You know the rules of the game monopoly? Online play can try right now. The screen displays the names of firms. You need to become an owner of many businesses. Now you have a monopoly. Play online you monopolist. Everyone who comes to this field, your company will pay you the rent. At the end of the game you will create an economic empire.You like monopoly? Online play is so much to do all the bankrupt competitors. If they go bankrupt, you can buy cheap their enterprise. That game did not seem straightforward, in the game, such fields are afraid to get on each. One sector is called "prison". Your success can be offset by fate.

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Free games: monopoly game online, play monopoly online

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