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According to ancient legend, the ninja - it was brave, courageous and brave soldiers that have passed from a young age is very extensive training in the martial arts of Ninjutsu. First of all, a ninja should be able to produce a variety of desired information, then it should be repealed spy, as well as any object in his hand, should look like weapons. Another necessary condition for the ninja to be the ability to suddenly appear and disappear quietly to know medicine, acupuncture, herbal medicine and so on. These requirements in a ninja game, of course, were not included. Still, for those who like to play online games ninja became possible to join the ancient art.As heroes computer game ninja, as you know, quick, decisive, invisible and deadly. In games you can fight a ninja in the armor of the knight of medieval Japan, and defeating virtual enemies, feel a real sense of victory.Thus, during the online flash games ninja "Training for the samurai," you'll be playing the role of a young boy samurai who decided to lay claim to being the best and undefeated Eastern martial arts. Contrary to the prohibition of the father, the guy still decided to go to school samurai, and the road to it is a dangerous and difficult. Going through certain stages of the ninja game, performing assigned tasks, you will be closer to the cherished dream and sure to become a samurai!Very many people love to play games online ninja who comes from the Shaolin Monastery. You can select multiple game modes - Battle mode and the mode brodilok, on which you will be able to travel to the Shaolin Temple. In battle, be sure to use a samurai sword! Free online games ninja can be fully prepared."Ninja sparks and clouds" - flash game in which you are fighting a brave and strong warrior ninja, whose style is very different from many other fighters sparks and strong shaking. In this game, you expect a lot of exciting things and unpredictable situation, where you can show true mastery of the great ninja!The online flash game "League of Evil fighters" you play the role of special forces, specially trained for special missions to destroy the League of Evil, which combines academics, military, to build and implement their evil plans. SWAT can climb walls like a real ninja, and has great tools-hand combat. It is configured to perform all the tasks and win! You will help him do that?It's not all free online games ninja. Watch for news and updates gaming sites.

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