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"Fire and Water" - a very popular and exciting series of games, in which the two elements must work together to overcome various obstacles and find a way out of the maze. All sorts of logic problems, puzzles, colorful graphics and funny voice in the game will allow you to fire and water play online fun and exciting.The game "Fire and Water" in the first part of it (only 6 episodes) two elements of life - fire and water, it is not compatible. Starting in fire and water play online, you have to manage both elements, and to win the game, you have to work hard. The game is designed for two players.Games Fire and Water 2 talks about the incredible and hilarious adventures of Fire and Water. Only by joint efforts, which include the resolution of various logic problems, you'll be able to get out of the underground mine. Never give up, even if the victory will be in the game fire and water 2 accrue to you at all easy.Games Fire and Water 3. In this part of the popular online games for two, you look forward to the new puzzles that can be solved only by joint efforts with a friend (girlfriend). You have to go all the obstacles to get out of the cave. Do not leave each other in trouble, help pass each round together and your victory in the end game fire and water 3 will be coming soon!Games Fire and Water 4 are devoted to the same two elements, which found a adventure in underground caves. To quickly get out of the terrible dungeons, you need to help fire and water to solve all the problems and pass all obstacles. Walkthrough fire and water 4 is better to carry out together with your friend, because a lot of the problem there you can decide just playing together.Favorite characters Fire and Water again inseparable in the game "Fire and Water 5." At this time we have to travel in a rather creepy, extremely difficult conditions, with icy cold on a terrible caves. You need to carefully collect all the coins, solve all the difficult puzzles, overcome obstacles, to leave the cave. "Fire and Water 6" - the long-awaited continuation of a fascinating and popular rpg. In the sixth part of the game will have two verses again, joining a concerted effort to go through many trials. You are waiting for intricate puzzles, seemingly not solve the problem, all kinds of obstacles and difficulties. Go boldly into a mysterious journey, help each other and this game will give you a lot of pleasure from leisure time spent together! Certainly be continued.

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Flash games online: games fire and water 3, fire and water play online

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