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Spot the Difference game, like so many other games on attention, came to us from the old days. Once upon a time in children's magazines, and in adults, in the "Leisure" post pictures, at first glance, it is identical to that needed to find 10 differences. One rabbit in his mouth a carrot, another cabbage, one character's hand is raised, the other lowered, one soldier belt buckle with a star, the other - with the anchor, and soetc. Now free games Spot the Difference game is on many Internet sites. Rules are the same - find differences in pictures. But online games Spot the Difference, of course, interesting paper. They are accompanied by the beautiful music, the characters they can move, however, is identical, the little mermaid raised to his ear and puts his hand with sea shells, fish fly up into the air and fell into the water. Spot the Difference - Spot Games. Need to look closely at the pictures in order to find the differences are often very small. Spot the Difference game could have very different rules. Typically, online Spot the Difference fitted timer. If you do not have time to find all the differences in the pictures for some time - lost handled quickly - receive bonuses. Here, apart from the care, you need a certain coolness, not to rush through the eyes from one corner of the picture to another, and methodically examine piecemeal. However, there are games and no timer. Look all you want, but look where you press, you can make a mistake only a certain number of times. For a large number of errors the game stops and considered lost. But nothing prevents re-open it, and try to win all the same. There are games and generally without any time or other restrictions, but that's boring. Free Games Spot the Difference, usually consist of several rounds, each a little harder last. For the correct "pressing" bonuses are awarded for errors - can be removed. Bonuses for each round of Spot the Difference - games are added. Game characters to find the differences can be very different. In this game, you can meet your favorite cartoon characters - Wolf of "Just you wait," Tom illustration of "Tom and Jerry." Mermaid or Cinderella Yemelya with pike of fairy tale. It may exist in the reality of people, actors, and just kids or adults, our contemporaries. By the way, these games are recommended as the kids develop.

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Flash Games Online Games Online Spot the Difference, Spot the Difference Game

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