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Parkour - is a certain distance, obstacle course, a person must overcome with minimal losses for themselves. This kind of movement with obstacles that are compatible with the risk and adrenaline in the blood. Online Games Parkour also based on the same principle. Today, many people involved in parkour, they say that it is their way of life. Currently Parkour actively developed in many countries. The essence of it is the constant movement (movement), and in this way, all sorts of obstacles to overcome: it can be architectural (railings, walls, railings), and specially made for Parkour design. As for any flash game about parkour, it allows you to do the same thing, but in the virtual world at no risk to life. Play games parkour love all the fans of extreme virtual.The game "Parkour - Extreme Running" has already appeared on the screens not only computers, but also mobile phones. Parkour as if denied all the laws of physics on the law of attraction and power allows a person to experience the feeling of flying when he does not see any obstacles to achieving this goal. Characters in this flash game about parkour show their amazing abilities to overcome obstacles they fearlessly fly over fences, banisters, hatches and most staircases. Parkour game endows human wings, which it is, and acrobat, and a runner, and stuntman, and climber, and high jumper. Try it and you show their super powers in this game and stay within a very short time!Online Games Parkour invite all parkurschikov - Ready! While parkour game, you can control the running man. It is necessary to run the longest distance, overcoming various obstacles. The farther your character runs, the more often and more accurately you have to click on the jump, as running the game quickly accelerates. Put the record passing the longest distance and compare your results with other! After playing the game parkour is interesting together!The game «Skyscraper Parkour» you will jump from roof to roof of large skyscrapers in the big city. The longer you carry momentum, the faster and far will be your jump, you can jump through even entire buildings. But if you have to crash into an obstacle - your speed will slow down the game. To jump, use the "slot." Good luck and victory!

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Flash games online: flash game about parkour parkour online games

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