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Word puzzles, as the game itself, it's in use since the fall of the "Iron Curtain." And before that there was something similar and we have - a mosaic. Children mosaic was a box with holes in which to insert colored plastic "nails" and with their aid a picture. These pictures were primitive and limited in the plot, and makes them to modern puzzles that the parts all the time lost.Puzzles in fact closer to the present patchwork of who gathered from pieces of colored glass - smalt. Puzzles - it pictures of different subjects and sizes, cut into items of all shapes and sizes.Children over 4 years of love put funny pictures of the pieces, but the older, more difficult to please all the needs of the child in the new puzzle, and the accumulated boxes of puzzles are taking a lot of space. Out there - in puzzle game online! Point of the game remain the same - put pictures of the pieces, only to play online puzzle means to do it on a computer screen. Online puzzle games are so diverse that it is not enough for a lifetime to collect all the pictures. You can play free puzzle games all day long, because pictures are so bright and cheerful! In puzzle games to play for free without having to worry about the number of assignments made. Collect your favorite cartoon characters, pictures of nature, fantastic images and scenes from famous fairy tales.Puzzles online game is interesting and not boring, because the pictures so much! In the puzzle game online, according to psychologists, the means to develop creative thinking, voluntary attention, logic. Play online puzzle - to develop the perception of relations between public and private. A simpler, online puzzles develop the ability to make something whole from the parts.Play free puzzle games interesting not only for kiddies. Adults, too happy to solve a puzzle, preventing brain rust.In puzzle games to play for free - so every time enjoy a small victory, finding and putting in place the desired item. And do not accumulate in the cabinet boxes with small parts - only and must log in to!Post puzzles online play is not too late to anyone. Even the people at the age of one can try to solve such puzzles, and then sclerosis is not terrible.Collect pictures, develop logic and reasoning, and let all the power of your wonder nedyuzhy crazy!

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