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Pokemon games are similar to games about animals. Before kids wound up his game and virtual little creatures to care for her. Now they care about Pokemon. In the game, each child receives a pocket monster. Most children enjoy cheerful Pokemon Pikachu. Pocket monsters are very similar to the children, they love the game and are always ready to compete. They are also very attached to his master.Boys interested in Pokemon games where you can fight with the Pokemon. To fight Pokemon transformed and acquire different combat abilities. Girls choose Pokemon game where you can dress up the pocket monsters in different clothes. The girls are ready to feed the Pokemon, walk them, even cure of diseases.Many fans of the game collect Pokemon cards at home and plastic figurines of pocket monsters. Pokemon owners can tell a lot about their pets. After all, different Pokémon. Some funny and resolute, more thoughtful and deliberate. Some may even turn yellow if they see a strong enemy. Often children have to bring up a Pokemon to become a true warrior, and could take part in pokemonskih competitions.

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Free games: Pokemon games, Pokemon

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