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In the Disney movie many princesses. Which is not surprising - it's a favorite character of many girls. Though not for long, becoming a little older, they already see themselves not a princess, and the models and movie stars. But, somehow, the princess waiting for her prince charming - character almost every other Disney fairy stories. A cartoon of this character very naturally end up in the game. This is what happened to Princess Rapunzel. Originally it was a fairy tale character, with traditional fairy tales: wicked witch girl imprisoned in the tower, where it released a prince. Grimm's fairy tale bracts slightly changing the story, Disney animators created a cartoon "Tangled. Tangled. " Then came the game Rapunzel, a game in which immediately began much and willingly.Games for girls Rapunzel now hit record popularity, overtaking and Cinderella and Jasmine. However, and then say, times change, change habits, and change the characters. If Cinderella soft gentle and defenseless, already Jasmine - energetic and rebellious princess. A character animation and online games Tangled - does look like a fairy princess in appearance only - the spit in her luxurious character of the same - a modern business woman - persistent and purposeful. This "princess of the XXI century". Such is the evolution of the princesses in cartoons, games, and, perhaps, and in life. About Princess Rapunzel game is very different. Most of them - different dress and Rhythm. Princess should dress nicely for a meeting with the prince for royal receptions, etc.etc. Oh, and, respectively, to pick up her jewelry, makeup, etc. There Rapunzel game to find items are also very entertaining. There are online games and logic Rapunzel where you solve puzzles, solve small puzzles, puzzles, and soetc.During the game, girls Rapunzel "Journey Princess" heroine has to go through the hard way, overcoming the difficulties and even fight. And in the game "Hidden places" princess must look for hidden items needed for the trip with her lover. What to do - hard advent of modern princesses. But no matter what the game Rapunzel, play it's fun and exciting, especially the creators of this taken care of. Nice and what flash games on this princess is completely free and only require access to the Internet.

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Flash games online: online game Rapunzel, Rapunzel game play

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