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The English word ranger has several meanings. This is a wanderer, and a hunter, and police on horseback, and the huntsman, and the forester. But everyone who watches movies knows the Rangers as a fearless fighter against evil, courageous and brave. Game rangers are based on the television series about the Power Rangers, protecting the city from evil forces. Five teenagers with special abilities, with the approach of danger transform into colorful rangers, and, picking up a fantastic weapon, engage the fantastically ugly vermin.Rangers - games that teach goodness and justice. Although they are not a continuation of the series, aims to give a heroes are the same.It's time to stand on the side of justice and with the game rangers to repulse the enemy. Rangers win with your help, the evil robots will compete in the Battle dragons and arrange racing bikes.Do not think, will not be easy: against your Ranger is a powerful enemy. That is why the Rangers - game exciting and interesting. Come out into the arena and fight, overcome challenging tracks, find items - in the games of the Rangers reflect different genres.Good graphics, great story - it Rangers online!

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Free games: Rangers game, Rangers

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