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Many of us, from the time of Icarus, reach for the sky. After all the feelings that one experiences during the flight, with nothing comparable. And even more you can experience the thrill of flight time on a plane, they run. And may, for various reasons - age, health, and so on - in reality it is not given to everyone to experience, Flying Games on planes do not impose any restrictions.Choose the appropriate version of the game online Planes, and now you - the commander of the military squadron, which must at all costs protect out its part of the sky. Fierce fighting, steep turns, victory to win at any cost!There is no desire to fight? Choose online games aircraft, which will have to show all the skill and dexterity to go into a steep dive, make a loop and become a winner of air races.You want to feel significant and important? Your choice - online games, in which the aircraft - passenger. Evidenced in the online games Planes all his perseverance, responsibility, attention - because you are responsible for hundreds of lives!We are the best games Flying in airplanes, simulators, such as those on which train professional pilots. Do not miss your chance to give yourself a chance to realize the dream to go to heaven!

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