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Solitaire - is a very old game. They even dabbled in French XVIII century, but with the years and so far this game is one of the most popular card entertainment for people of all ages. In solitaire card can play only one person, and his job - place cards in a special way, performing some actions that are subject to the stated rules of the game. All solitaire games - about a hundred, but not every gambler knows at least half of them. But few of you have never played in the "Klondike" and "Spider", and certainly no one can say that the puzzles - it is uninteresting and boring.If you are bored or lonely, you want to escape from work or just to relax a bit, then we suggest that you start to play - free online solitaire entertain you and will give a few minutes of an exciting pastime. Incidentally, there are puzzles, which are arranged in just a few minutes, and there are those who need to go for hours. And how much time you are willing to allocate for the game "Solitaire Online"?How is mentioned, puzzles vary in the time that you spend on them to solve the mysteries. However, this is not the only fundamental difference between the various games. Also, some types of puzzles are practically independent of the random maps, and therefore, in order to expand their need to enable smart and not complain about the wrong card to the deck. In others you can play solitaire card instead of guessing - they are so heavily dependent on the initial layout, if you're not lucky, no intelligence and patience save you. By the way, "patience" - is an important word for lovers lay cards. After all, the word "patience" comes from the French word "patience."Like other online games, pastyansy very comfortable. To start the game, you do not need to download and install on your computer files, spending a lot of time and cluttered your hard drive. You simply go to our website - and you can immediately start playing. If you like card games, as well as fun and exciting to play solitaire online for free give you the opportunity. By the way, you not only do not need to download anything to your computer or pay for the game, but also do not need to register in the system. It's simple - you go to the site, choose a game and you're done! Have a nice layout and a lot of patience.

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Free games: solitaire game, play solitaire online for free. Card Solitaire

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