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The first toys were many cubes pyramids. Children are carefully installed cubes to build a wall, fence or gate. To properly fold all need a lot of effort, selecting, and then setting the rings of different diameters in the correct order in descending order. With age structures are complex and intricate designs. Well-designed buildings delight children. These natural inclination of people to create the destruction is quite natural, build cities and play the game to build houses contribute to the development of different skills: matching colors, shapes and sizes. When children reach a certain age, they start to learn the computer, so they will enjoy the game and build a home game build cities, in which they will have enough materials. Individual houses can be combined into the streets in their neighborhoods, but what neighborhoods in the city. Such fascinating simulators can easily grab the attention of the players for a long time.It's a little - just build a house. It still needs to settle, but if there will be good people, over time, from one-story house, he quickly turned into a huge mansion. Play!

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