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Evening. Outside, the rain, the parents are watching TV, and you do not know what to do? It is fixable. Want to know more about myself? Then more tests to uncover the girls. Thou shalt have a wide variety of game tests. For the most part they are, of course, ridiculous, and to take seriously their results are worth it. But sometimes it is worth considering, for example, whether you wear a pink dress, if the test results stubbornly insist that it does not suit you. And you know what? Advise in this case with my mother. Of course, games for girls tests are not limited in the choice of using the toilet. The tests can be defined and your character. For example, what pet would you choose? Already on the answer to this question is to say something about you most. No do not you? This is also a response to a question about you. A lot can be said about a person by examining his handwriting. There's even a science - graphology. And tests for the girls, "Your handwriting" too. But a funny quiz on his current mood: Who are you today? Animals which you would like to be in the moment: fast white rabbit, red-haired squirrel jumping on branches, fluffy cat home? Or maybe you have the ability to telepathy? This test is also available in Game Tests gaming site. Choose a certain character in the game and try to guess his thoughts. This is not difficult. We need only think of that would suit this character: a cup of coffee, ski equipment, or he, do you think, likes to play the trumpet? The result of the test will tell you you guessed or not. But games for girls tests with certain magical abilities. They, of course, can not be taken seriously. But it's great fun to learn what you do today fairy. Is on gaming sites and tests for the older girls. Of course, you already have a boyfriend .. Want to know how he treats you? Tests for the girls to answer this question. Only need to pick off the petals with a virtual daisies. And if the boy did not, then it will appear soon. Want to know how to flirt with him and what kind of flirt you need? Flirt - is also a science. Our grandmothers reading dream books to find out what that portends a dream. Today it can be done easier. Test of dreams will help you analyze your sleep and even make predictions for the near future. Play any tests as you wish. But do not forget that you need and help my mom in the kitchen and go to bed on time.

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Flash games online: tests for girls, game tests

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