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Many of you have probably never thought about the event Winx games for girls. Today, together with you we can trace the history of the appearance of the cartoon about girls Winx and followed him all sorts of virtual games online. The most popular, strangely enough, began to enjoy the game Winx dress.The first games for girls dress up Winx appeared online in 2009 and since then, millions of young ladies remeasure hundreds of dresses, wanting to create the most interesting image of your favorite fairy. Winx dress up game now presented in a huge range of that total wardrobe charodeek seems already immense. But there is not the usual game Winx dress. For example, during the game Winx Dress "Dress Bloom," you need to find a nice outfit for the main character game. But not all so simple. This Dress is different from other games in that clothes Bloom will be held some time. Fairy Bloom will appear on the screen for 10 seconds, and you should always remember what was put on it. After that, a fairy appears already in his underwear, but you will need a certain time to put it in the clothes, which was shown at the beginning of the game. Playing this game, you will also develop visual memory.In the game "Dress Winx girls," you have to pick up and put all the Winx girlfriends in the most diverse and beautiful dresses. Hilarious musical score of the game Winx dress will not let you miss a single minute. Each separate living room opening another fairy, you can click on things, and a wonderful pick the right outfit for her character.One of the most beautiful and the best of the series Winx odevalok - the game "Dress Flora." In the course of the game Winx dress up to do everything possible to outfit a new heroine always liked her boyfriend. Playing Dress Up for Girls' Dress Bloom "gives you the opportunity to put another beauty for the upcoming party. Bloom need to wear by clicking on the button to change the dress on her, after - earrings, a third button is changing shoes, and with a quarter a button you can change the beads around his neck Bloom. And here's your sorceress ready to go to the podium.Among other things, some games require a unique opportunity to create their own, no one else like fairy. Winx games for girls dress up games available to all and is free of charge. They enjoy playing with girls of all ages as well as their younger brother.

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