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Living dead or zombie - a product of modern film industry, in particular horror films. Surprisingly, the ugly half-decayed walking corpses not only rejected, but became almost commonplace.Particularly relevant these disgusting characters on Halloween - Halloween. The celebration of Halloween began in Britain as far back as ancient times, the Celts. Then the tradition of this celebration has spread throughout the world, and in the last ten years of very active Halloween is celebrated here.Zombies are popular guests at the celebration. In many countries, even zombie parades, where people are daubed in tatters, grimacing, depict corpses.Surely these people are interesting game zombie shooter. Although, maybe the opposite: such online zombie game will be interesting for zombinenavistnikov, because they can shoot the zombies whole dozen, only manage to charge the weapon.Zombie games online suited to older children - scary zombie face and arms are not for kids. Flash games about zombies has an excellent graphics and high quality. So to play them like very many. And shoot people in games shooters as a not very moral, but the "wet" zombies is another matter!In fact, not looking at the ugly characters, zombies - game of good and evil. Playing online zombie games, teen or adult begins clearly mark off right from wrong. And, of course, taking the side of good, trying to protect civilians, even through the use of arms.Zombie games are a continuation of a series of two about the invasion of the living dead. The interest of this action-shooter that, freeing the city from invasion, the player can use a lot of things and move to higher levels. A zombie game levels over forty two!It turns out that the game zombie shooter combine several genres: iskalki, arcades, simulators. Accordingly, all the benefits of these genres also differ zombie games online. Flash game zombie train reaction time, patience and calm in the face of danger. They teach bravely protect the innocent and fight evil. Among other things, zombie games are made on the basis of some of the films, which adds interest to play.Of course, the zombies - fun for the fans, but the quality and variety of reputable. Rather, it's time to save the world from zombies!

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